See Green Bay and Brown County Wisconsin through 72 years of change

Green Bay and Brown County Wisconsin through 72 years of change

The app will show you two aerial photos side-by-side with an interactive vertical bar down the center.    The aerial photo on the right is from 1938 and is the earliest complete aerial photo ever taken of Brown County.  

Drag the vertical bar left & right to compare aerial photos from 1938 to 2010.  Zoom in on the map to see the details.  (tip:  zooming with your mouse scroll wheel is often easier than using the + and - zoom buttons on the app).

Explore the growth of the cities and other changes to the county's land use over 72 years with this map.

Note: When zoomed in, modern-day streets and properties will appear to help provide you with some reference.



How to zoom quickly on an online map using the Shift key

Brown County online GIS

“Zoom In” quickly using the Shift key

How to Zoom In to an area (handy shortcut using your Shift key)
The BrownDog map and most of our Featured Maps & Apps  allow you to zoom in to a rectangle that you draw.  This shortcut will help you zoom around the map more quickly and it’s very handy when starting from a wide view, such as the entire county, and zooming in to a specific location. (Of course, you can also zoom using the search box).

Here’s how to zoom to a rectangle you draw:

  1. Press and Hold Down your “SHIFT” key

  1. While holding the SHIFT key, use the mouse’s left click button and drag a box/rectangle on the map.

The rectangle/box that you draw will show as a red outline.  
Simply release the mouse button (and shift key) when you have finished drawing the box around the area you want to zoom to and the map will go to that location.

Your mouse scroll wheel will also allow you to zoom in/out, as do the buttons along the left side of the map.  
And of course if you know the address, street, or parcel number you wish to zoom to, you can use the “Search” button to quickly go to specific locations.

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