Parcel details hard to read? Here's what to do:

When you search for a parcel in BrownDog, the resulting parcel gets highlighted in orange.  Some people like this highlight, others don't.

If you don't want the orange highlight, just click the small X in the search box to clear out your search. This will also remove the orange highlight.

Also, if you want the parcel details (lot dimensions and so forth) to stand out better, you can also adjust the transparency of the "Parcel Graphics" layer by clicking the three dots ( ... ) to the right of the Parcel Graphics layer in the Layer List, then move the slider over to the left to make this layer opaque (0% transparent). 

Click the X in the search bar to remove the orange highlight:

Adjust the transparency of the Parcel Graphics layer to make the details darker and stand out more.  You might also want to turn off the Parcel Ownership layer: 

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How to View Aerial Photos in the BrownDog map

Here's how to view aerial photography in the BrownDog map:

1) Scroll down on the Layer List on the right, then check on the air photo layers.  It is a long list of layers*.  You can either hover over this list and use your mouse wheel to scroll down, or else click and drag the scrolling bar to the right of the layer list and move it down until you see the air photo layers.  The air photos typically underlay parcels and other layers, so they are near the bottom of the list. 


2)  You can also click the "Basemap Gallery" button near the upper right part of the app. It looks like this:  .  Clicking this button in the BrownDog app will provide you with choices for the underlying base map, which includes aerial photos from various years dating back to 1938.

*  I am hoping our software provider gives us the ability to "group" layers like we had in the old GeoPrime app.  This will help organize the layers and make them all move visible.  Once we are able to set up layer grouping, the layer list will be shorter and you'll be able to find the aerials and other layers faster.

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