How to print from the BrownDog map

Here is how you can print maps using the BrownDog online GIS map:

1. Click the Printer icon (button) near the upper right part of the BrownDog online GIS map

2. On the Print setup screen, enter your map title, choose your Layout page size, and the map file format you want.  It defaults to PDF, but you can also pick JPG or other image formats from the list.

3.  After entering your title, size and format, click the large blue "Print" button. A graphic is produced after a few moments and will appear in a list.  Simply click the map title in the list to open or download your map PDF (or whatever image format you chose in step 2).

Happy mapping! 
If you need to make adjustments to the map extent/scale or other map elements, click the Advanced button and try out the different options. 

How to turn off land owner names and make the parcel details (such as lot dimensions) more prominent

When zoomed in, the BrownDog mapping app defaults to show parcels labeled with land owner names.  A lot of people prefer this 'plat book' style map.  Other parcel details such as parcel ID number and lot dimensions are semi-transparent in an attempt to reduce 'clutter' on a map that is packed full of information.

If instead you want your map to emphasize the parcel ID, lot dimensions and other details instead of the land owners (like the GeoPrime map did),  there are two ways you can accomplish this:

1) On the Overlay Layers list, click the three dots (...) to the right of the Parcels layer, choose Transparency on the popup, then drag the slider to Opaque (0% transparency).   Turn off (uncheck) the Parcel Ownership layer.   Here is a screen shot to illustrate this:

2) Another option is to turn off the "Parcel Ownership" layer, then go to the "Basemap Gallery" button which is located near the upper right of the map (it's the 4 squares button) and then switch the background map to "Parcels".

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