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How to measure using GIS online

Brown County's "GeoPrime" GIS mapping site gives you the ability to measure distances, areas (acres and square feet) and also map coordinates.

**If the task you are undertaking requires accurate measurement or coordinate or a boundary determination, please consult a professional land surveyor (consult the phone book or search online for a list of local land surveyors).**
  • Use the Measure tool for an approximate distance, area or coordinate. For example, you may want to use an aerial photo base map to measure the distance between two objects visible on the photo, the acreage of a field, or the lat/lon coordinate of a particular location.
To use the Measure tool:
  1. Click the "Measure" button (near the upper-left part of the GIS map)
  2. Choose the type of measurement you want to perform (distance, area or coordinate)
  3. Pick "connect the dot" for the distance or area measurement, then click on the map at the starting point of the map feature you want to measure.  Single-click with your left mouse button at every angle point as you measure.   To finish, double-click.  The length or area of your drawing will appear.  

For parcel size (get the measurement of a mapped property):
After zooming in to where parcel details are visible, the dimensions are shown as text on the map.  The black text along the parcel boundaries gives you the platted property dimensions, and the pink text in the middle of the parcel gives you the acreage or square footage (SF).  The acreage or square footage is available for most parcels visually (pink text) and also by clicking "Identify Drilldown" and then clicking the parcel for the listed acreage.;xmin=77235.78581944302;ymax=592189.6301859585;ymin=591775.0468526252

For survey corner coordinates and other more detailed survey measurements:Additional survey measurements can be viewed by clicking the Identify Drilldown button and then clicking on the map at the location you desire.  Choose "Surveys covering the area you clicked" and then open the Survey Index app.  The survey index provides surveyors and others with access to many other detailed maps and survey documents including section corner tie sheets.