Find a Brown County map or GIS app easier: Lots of web site improvements.

The LIO web site has been re-organized and improved! With so many new maps and GIS apps coming online, it was time to organize and make things easier to find.  Here's what was done:
  • The LIO home page now has more descriptive categories in which maps and GIS apps are placed. Thumbnail images help those with tired eyeballs quickly scan categories.
  • A "Find a Map" page was added to help people find maps and other land records. People can more easily see how to search for information or map of an individual property, or use the gallery to peruse maps or search them by more broad categories using key words.
 The maps, apps, and search functions will continue to grow and evolve as time permits.

Check it out and send a note with any suggestions or comments you might have. 


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