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Using the Draw tools to add your own graphics to your GIS map

You can draw your own map graphics on the GeoPrime app.  Draw lines, text or areas to highlight things on your map and call attention to them.  Here's how:

1) In the GeoPrime app click the "Tools" button  > Choose "Draw"
2) Pick the type of feature you'd like to draw (point, line, box, circle, polygon or text)
3) Choose options like color and line thickness, then start clicking on the map to draw.

To move a graphic after it's drawn, click on it to 'select' it, then drag the graphic to move it.

You can save your graphic drawing by clicking the "save" button on the lower right portion of the Draw toolbox.  This will save a file to your computer with a ".drw" file extension.   You can always load that .drw file back into your map using the "load layer" button on the far lower right corner of the Draw toolbox.  
*Note that this process will save the graphic drawing overlay only, not the entire map (to save the entire map with your graphic overlay, you should instead use Print > Save PDF or Save Image).

Saving these .drw files is also useful if you need to switch to other tools and you want to preserve your graphic drawings. You may have to load your graphics back in if you move on to another tool.

Here is an screen shot showing an example of some extra graphics added to the map with the Draw tools: