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How to create mailing labels and/or extract list of parcel owners for an area you specify

Follow the steps below to create mailing labels for land owners of an area you choose (example of a mailing label PDF sheet).  You can also extract a list of land owners in a specified area as a .csv file which will load into Excel (example of a CSV file as downloaded using these steps).
  1. Open the GeoPrime site 
  2. Zoom to your area of interest
  3.  Click the Tools button (upper right)
  4. Choose "Buffer" from the list of tools
  5. Set the drop-down box to "Search for Parcel" (as shown below)
  6. Set the Buffer Distance to 1 foot* (as shown below)
  7. Click the button with the gray square (draw a polygon feature) and then, on the map, draw an outline around the area from which you want to extract land owner information and/or a mailing list.   Single-click to start drawing and to add angle points to your polygon.  Double-click to finish your drawing and to open the mailing list of property owners within the area you drew. 
  8. On the mailing list that appears, you will see the Parcel ID, Location of the parcel, Owner Last Name, Owner First Name, Mailing Address, and the Legal Descriptions.
  9.  There are two buttons on the bottom of the list:  One is to "Export CSV" which allows you to download the file to a .csv (comma separated value) file which can be brought into Excel or other programs.   The other button ("Mailing List") will open your list as a ready-to-print PDF label sheet in an Avery standard. 
*optionally, you can draw a graphic and buffer a greater distance around it to get the list within the buffer area (example:  List of owners within 300 feet of a point). 

Important notes:
  • The maximum number of records this tool will produce is 1000 records.
  • The list will contain land owners only (does not include renters, apartment units, etc).  The mailing address is where the tax bill gets sent.
  • The data behind this app are updated regularly (at least once per week).
 screen shots: